Green Policy

Care for our habitat

In Crete we have the rare fortune to enjoy a magnificent natural environment that is unique in Europe. The island is home to thousands of endemic fauna and flora species, in both marine and terrestrial habitats. The level of biodiversity on the island is very high and it is our duty to protect it.

It is also our duty to preserve the wonderful beaches of Crete, which are among the best in the world. Whether organized, or pristine and isolated, these beaches, with their magnificent natural environment and crystal clear, blue waters, are the main reason why millions of satisfied visitors return to the island every year.

Caldera Group’s commitment to protecting the environment is a top priority in its daily business activities. A sound green policy is therefore applied, consisting of the following:

Water Saving

  • flow restrictors installed on taps in all rooms
  • drip irrigation system used in the hotel gardens
  • less water-demanding plants selected
  • tap, pipe etc leakages systematically reported
  • housekeeping service provided only partially on Sundays

Energy saving

  • LED lights installed in all rooms
  • fluorescent lamps installed in all backyards
  • motion detectors used in public WCs
  • room key cards turning off the lights upon leaving the room
  • natural lighting of the lobby and the main restaurant
  • sensors deactivating A/C upon opening the balcony door in the room
  • preset A/C in the guest rooms only operating at ambient temperatures over 22°C

Rapid reduction in plastic consumption

Since 2018, we have said ''NO'' to plastic straws, encouraging our guests to use pasta straws instead, or no straw at all, which led to a plastic straw usage reduction in our hotels ranging from 32% to 68% in the period between 2018 and June 2019.


Since 2013, all recyclable materials have been recycled according to a sound environmental policy:

  • paper
  • plastic
  • glass
  • iron
  • batteries
  • light bulbs
  • printer cartridges
  • used cooking oil

Tens of tons of the above materials have been recycled so far. And it goes on...

Towels reuse program

Since 2018, we have been encouraging our guests to reuse their towels "as they do at home," by hanging them on the towel racks, which has led to a 23% increase in towel reuse in our hotels, in the period between 2018 and June 2019.

Care for the community

Apart from the above environmental policies, Caldera Group also believes in helping the local community as a both social and environmental issue of the utmost importance. The following are some of the steps that have been taken in this direction:

  • 88% of the workforce is locally recruited from the hotel’s geographical area. Caldera Group is a large local employer
  • all employees have received 25 hours of specialized training
  • gender diversity in the workspace: 56,3% female and 43,7% male
  • ~ 77% of the total food and beverage consumption is covered by local suppliers from all over Crete
  • Caldera hotels have also :
     - helped immigrants
     - supported the local Community and Parish with F&B Supplies
     - provided linens to the Prison of Aghia
     - made donations to the Traditional Dance Association “Viglatores”
  • Caldera hotels collaborate with the non-profit volunteer organization "The Smile of the Child” for the protection and care of children in need, as well as with the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece “Archelon.”

Caldera Group managers and staff receive regular training updates on the above green policy guidelines, in order to ensure their successful implementation.

Because, for Caldera Group, the environment is the home we all share, and it is our responsibility to protect it.

Health Policy

In Caldera your health is our top priority

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